WOW! (Walk/Wheel on Wednesdays) – Howell Elementary

WOW! -(Walk/Wheel On Wednesday) is going into its second year at Peter Howell Elementary to encourage Howell Hawks to walk, bike, learn, and explore throughout the school year! The program begins in September and runs through May 2017.

Here’s how it works:

  • A school staff  visits classrooms weekly and ask students how they got to school. Students who walk, bike, skate or scooter to/from school (or to/from their bus stop) on Wednesdays receive WOW points each week.
  • Walking to the bus stop also counts. Kids driven to school can also participate by parking a few blocks away and walking from there. We want everyone to be a part of WOW!
  • Kids who walk/wheel at least 5 times a month win prizes.
  • In order to claim prizes they need to take their WOW bookmarks to Ms. Melissa at the library.
  • If they miss a Wednesday, they can just make it up on a different day.

It’s that simple!

Walking or riding together is a great way for parents to spend quality time connecting with their kids. So, we invite all Howell families to put on their comfortable shoes and walk or wheel to school on Wednesdays! For families who live too far, parking a few blocks away from school and walking with their kids is a great way to participate. Fewer cars near the school mean less congestion, cleaner air, and safer streets for kids.

Hope you join in the fun and, along the way, discover things together that will make you say WOW!

Event Details

Date and Time:
Sep 07, 2016 - ongoing to May 26, 2017

401 N Irving Ave, Tucson AZ 85711
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