Cyclovia Spring 2022

Cyclovia returned March 27, 2022 to Tucson with a great turnout of participants and joy around it. The route starts in the downtown area and continued to City of South Tucson highlighting two SRTS partner schools, Ochoa Community School and Mission View Elementary. Hubs at each school area highlighted various businesses and hosted fun activities for everyone.

The Ochoa/JVYC Bike Club and Mission View Bike Club partnered with GRIT (Girls Riding Into Tomorrow) and Project Bike Club to ride the Cyclovia route together. The group consisted of about 100 people total which included parents and siblings that were encouraged to participate. Riding the Cyclovia route allowed students from Ochoa Community School and Mission View Elementary to use the riding skills they have been practicing during bike club meetings, and to see their community in a new way that was open to pedestrians and bikes.

Event Details

Date and Time:
Mar 27, 2022