Pueblo Gardens November Bike Repair Clinic

August 11, 2016

Get your bike ready for the holiday season! Pueblo Gardens students are invited to the November Bike Repair Clinic. Get your bike tuned up and head out for fun rides during the upcoming holiday vacations!… Read more »

Los Amigos February Bike Repair Clinic

February is the month to appreciate your friends, family, and loved ones! Ask a friend to ride to school with you or go for an after school ride around the neighborhood. Los Amigos students are… Read more »

Los Amigos October Bike Repair Clinic

Get ready for the fresh fall months in Tucson with a bike repair! Los Amigos students are invited to the October Bike Repair Clinic. Students will receive FREE bike repair services and they will have… Read more »

Los Amigos August Bike Repair Clinic

July 29, 2016

Has your bike been collecting dust over the summer and in need of some TLC?  Don’t fret! Los Amigos students are invited to join the first bike repair clinic of the 2016-2017 school year!  Students will… Read more »

Laguna Spring Bike Fest

June 6, 2016

GET READY, GET SET… RIDE!  Laguna students are invited to participate in the Laguna Longhorns Spring 2017 Bike Fest! Like the school’s Fall Bike Fest, all students who ride their bike to school during the month of… Read more »

Laguna Student Bike Ride

October is a great month for Laguna students to dust off bikes, pump up tires, and make riding a regular part of their day.  October is the Laguna Fall Bike Fest!  As part of the… Read more »

Howell February Bike Repair

July 27, 2015

During the school’s third bike repair event of the academic year, Howell kids are invited to bring their bikes for repair and spend time learning basic bike mechanics. Scheduled for February 28, 2017, this bike repair clinic provides… Read more »

Laguna Spring Bike Repair

July 16, 2015

It’s spring and almost time for Laguna’s April Bike Fest!  Laguna students and parents are once again invited to a school-sponsored bike repair clinic.  The event will be held after school from 3:00 – 4:30pm on… Read more »